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#30bravedays β€” day 30: for my final day of this challenge, i’ll tell you the truth; so happy to have reached the finish line, and super relieved to not have to share my inner work anymore. ultimately the lesson learned was this; solo dolo celebrations of little victories are all this girl wants and needs. big on motivating, but even bigger on marinating. 😌✌️ #peace

#30bravedays β€” day 28: examining my layers and figuring out which ones are good, which ones were good but rotted through, which ones were junk to begin with, and which ones i can refurbish and give new life to. also decided today to only wear makeup one day a week for the rest of the year (stage/camera work notwithstanding) πŸ‘ #leggo || 🎨 by @alexyanes

We’re down to the final gift in this giveaway β€” presenting the MUJI Wall Mounted CD Player and Radio!

With built-in speakers that are deceptively loud and a power cord that doubles as an on/off switch, this impressive sound gadget is one of MUJI’s brilliant products in store.
But more than being an entertainment display, the MUJI CD Player represents design ingenuity as it has received recognitions worldwide. In 2002, it received the German iF Gold Award and D&AD Award while in 2005, it was added in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

How to win:
Post an original and creative photo of your favorite line or verse from a song.
β€’ Feel free to use any medium —- calligraphy on paper, graffiti, washi tapes, origami papers, food, refrigerator magnets, scribbles and doodles, decals, painting on canvas, chalkboard, silkscreen on shirt, etc.
β€’ Basically, creative process is: 1) do the artwork, 2) take the photo, and 3) post on IG.
β€’ Entries should be original. Not reposted, regrammed nor photoshopped.
β€’ Caption should also include song title from the where the line/verse is taken and artist/singer.
β€’ Use hashtags: #WhatsinMySoundtrack #MujiPH
β€’ Encouraging use of inspirational or empowering verses. Please refrain from explicit and foul language.

Link to Twitter: @MUJI_PH and Facebook: Muji Philippines (, and don’t forget to follow @wecreativenatives! Most importantly, to be considered, tag #missmeierxxo and make sure account is on public. Post away! πŸ˜‹πŸ­

My Godparents, Carl and Virginia, are two of the most quietly influential people in my life. Everything they’ve created, from meals, to art, business, opportunities, and my Godsiblings (@deleightful & @jamerling), has been so full of love. This is their home in the Berkshires. Again, giving me something to aspire to build for my family. ❀️

For the two final gifts in my giveaway, we’re going to harness everything that being a creative native is about! For this undoubtedly awesome Kiehl’s goody bag, please tell me a story about heritage, and where you came from. What greatness was passed down to you. Get creative! Use an IG photo and caption to the best of your capacity. Tag, caption, and follow: @kiehlsmanila, #kiehlsstories, @wecreativenatives, and #missmeierxxo. Deadline is Sunday 8pm! One entry per person. Best of luck! πŸ˜‹πŸ­

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