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#30bravedays — day 15: advocating day life vs. nightlife. hangovers are completely overrated and sunshine cures many things! i am finding the courage to admit alcohol and nicotine used to be my allies, but bad club behavior x a daughter x a more active lifestyle x a heightened sense of spirituality allowed me to realize the damage they were doing. this brave day is one i’d like to loan anyone trying to quit a bad habit. i promise you, you are fully able. i support you. 🌞 feel free to tag anyone you think is able too.

#30bravedays — day 14: parenting is a constant balancing act. want to keep her childhood simple and private, but also allow her to experience an array of things. to protect and not shelter, provide opportunity but not overexpose! 🙆

agreed to let her participate in the meg magazine’s 10 most stylish shoot because the publication has been a great platform to empower young women, and because we’re encouraging kaya to be comfortable in expressing herself – clothes being one medium, facing the camera and doing interviews being another.

thank you tita @iamsuperbianca for always taking great care of her and tito @martinbautista9 for giving her tools to show her personality! the meg magazine september issue is out now. 👧

#30bravedays — day 13: my faith and spirituality do not go by one set of rules, nor one name. i celebrate the freedom to borrow wisdom from different cultures and traditions.

i am letting go of the guilt, insufficiency, judgement, and hypocrisy i developed from devout religiosity, but holding on to the concept of forgiveness and sharing. i have recently found much resonance in buddhism, but that is just the beginning of my study of spirituality.

taking notes as i travel and meet people, and learn about their truths. perhaps it will become a book. gotta find the guts to write a proper book!

#30bravedays — day 12: this morning i found it in me to say “no” when i would have usually said “sure, anything you need” (all while trying not to bleed.)

setting up velvet ropes to cordon off what needs protecting most, and finding the balls to politely (but firmly) decline when asked favors out of line.

#boundaries #simplify #yougottakeepemseparated

#30bravedays — day 11: dear world, this is my happiness.

feeling super vulnerable posting something this intimate. but gotta name it and claim it. 💪 so full of gratitude to anyone that has helped me become this version of myself. i will always remember your support. 🙏💕

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